Wifi During Large Events

We at Trade Show Internet are able to provide both internet and bandwidth solutions for every event. Internet access is now so necessary that most venues have internet access built into their facilities. Many of these systems, however, are either too expensive, too outdated or both, and so we try to bridge the gap by offering independent WiFi during large events through TradeShowInternet.Com.
We offer a variety of bandwidth solutions to serve less than twelve or 100,000 users. Our solutions range from cellular arrays to the use of fiber optic cable. We can also provide internet solutions for a single booth or for an entire event. We have a simple 4G kit, up to the Xirrus WiFi array that provides dependable WiFi signals to a wide area, indoors or out.
We provide solutions all over the country, so for Austin bandwidth or for Nashville event wifi you can get in touch with us for your event internet needs.